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Holiday Hold'em Challenge

In partnership with Honey Pot Health, we are running
a Holiday Hold'em Challenge! 
Holiday Hold'em Logo.png
Holiday Hold'em is BACK for 2022!

It's Simple... Get an InBody* the last week of October, an InBody CHECK in the end of November & a final SHOW YOUR HAND InBody in the first week of January.
HOLD your Body Fat from October to January and WIN!

Holiday Hold'em Tables.png

Pick your TABLE & PLACE your BET!!

Up the ANTE & DOUBLE DOWN for $50 in November

The Prize? Beating the odds and getting your BET back!

EF + HPH (2).png

Non-Members Welcome! No Contract!

643 Clements Bridge Road, Barrington, NJ 08007

* Body Composition Analysis with 4-point Bioelectrical Impedance


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