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Trigger Point Therapy

Evolution Fitness is Your Pain Relief & Injury Prevention Solution!
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Get FAST and EFFECTIVE relief with Trigger Point Therapy, Manual Therapy, Movement Analysis, & Sports Performance Analyses.

  • Are you having pain?

  • Are you experiencing muscle tension or tightness?

  • Do you feel that you lack of mobility is affecting your workouts?

  • Would you like to improve your overall posture?


Free consultation and assessment so we can identify ways in which we can help and answer any questions you may have. Our assessment, a very thorough Body Blueprint & Functional Movement Screen, will assess posture and movement of the entire body.  An exercise prescription to help fix any and all asymmetries that have been identified may be prescribed.

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Myofascial Release & Tissue Massage Therapy will:

  • Relax muscles

  • Lengthen muscles

  • Decrease muscle pain & soreness

  • Help fix any asymmetries that may be present

Evolution Fitness' Trigger Point Therapy can help you feel better, move better and get back to your LIFE with our progressive treatment to alleviate painful conditions. Discover how Evolution Fitness Trigger Point Therapy can help you to keep pain out of your workouts and, more importantly, out of your life!

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