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We have 2 great ways to train your body, Small Group Training Classes and Semi-Private Training Sessions with a variety of 6 month membership options to fit into your lifestyle.  

Small Group Training

Train in groups of up to 8, guided by a one of our coaches.

Membership Option

  • 2 times per week

  • 3 times per week

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Semi-Private Training

Working directly with a coach on your own individual training program in groups up to 3.

Membership Option

  • 1 time per week (4 per month)

  • 2 times per week (8 per month)

1 Small Group Training Class


1 Semi-Private Session

All - In - One

2 Small Group Training Classes


1 Semi-Private Session

3 Small Group Training Classes


1 Semi -Private Session

Get the best of both worlds with one of our combination memberships.  Combine our Small Group Training Classes & Semi-Private Training Sessions into one great package for maximum results!

All options are per week 

Add Keyless Entry to your Semi-Private or All-In-One membership to work your program on your own schedule.

Keyless Entry

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