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Train Your
Mind & Your Body.

Fitness + Nutrition all in one place

Evolution Fitness originated as a place to help everyone. We work with your everyday person to the elite athlete.  We have all the tools to get you fit, moving, and feeling better.  Whether you have an injury to someone rehabbing from an injury, we cover it all. We strive to help you train your body and achieve your goals.  Semi-Private Training & Small Group Training Classes are designed to get you looking and feeling better.  Our Nutrition Consultations and Challenges train you from the inside out. With this combination of both Fitness & Nutrition, you will achieve faster and longer lasting results!


Core Values

1. Bring Your Best

2. Motivate with Positivity

3. Team Work

4. Commitment to Success

5. Have FUN!

Our Methods

Small Group Training
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Train in groups of up to 8, guided by one of our coaches.

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Class Schedule!

Working directly with a coach on your own individual training program in groups of up to 3.

Treat your body right, regain mobility with a 30 minute body work session.  Includes trigger point, self-myofascial release and  massage techniques.

Sound Healing Meditations to reset your vibration for optimal health and well-being.

Guarantee your results with The Honey Pot Health!  Learn more about the sweet taste of health by consulting with one of our Health Coaches.

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