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The Why

Evolution Fitness was born of four friends’ passion to change the way fitness was done. With the growing number of people trying to get healthy and change their lives for the better, co-owners Brian, David, Danielle and Helena could see the need for results-oriented, solution-based, lifelong fitness. They knew that the only way to really help people change their lifestyle long-term was to provide them with the same type of scientifically-based, individualized exercise program design, motivational coaching, and commitment that is usually reserved for the elite athlete. They understood that while most of their members would never get paid a single dime for anything they did in the athletic realm, they nonetheless were deeply impacted by the health of their bodies and, therefore, deserved the same thought and care. Every member of Evolution Fitness is taken through an extensive assessment called the Body Blueprint, which informs the program design department about each member’s specific body and movements, assessing their stability and mobility, their imbalances and weaknesses, and overall risk of injury. This data is used to develop individualized exercise programs that get results quickly, effectively, and safely. Evolution Fitness makes it a priority to take care of their members’ bodies so that they can enjoy a fit, healthy lifestyle for as long as possible.
David, Brian, Helena and Danielle also recognize that exercise is as athletic as any sport and, in order to get results, their members must push their bodies to new limits and do more than they think they can. That’s why positive motivation is a core value at Evolution Fitness and has become a big part of what they are known for. The four friends and business partners take care to foster a team culture and “in it together” atmosphere at their gym so that the members themselves cheer each other on and support one another. This has proven to be an invaluable part of helping their members’ achieve their goals. 
Evolution Fitness sets itself apart by providing the same quality program design and positive, motivational coaching reserved for the elite athlete to all of its members. But, none of that would mean anything if it wasn’t also a fun place to work out. Danielle, Helena, Brian and David understand that unlike the elite athlete, their members neither have the desire nor the time to dedicate themselves solely to their bodies and performance. For most of us, working out only becomes sustainable when it is a fun, shared experience. The coaches and staff at Evolution Fitness strive to make every workout and every experience at their gym a pleasurable one. The team mentality and culture at Evolution Fitness lends itself to a fun, social atmosphere where lasting relationships are formed and each member feels part of a larger community - their fitness family which they call Team Evolution.
Helena, David, Danielle, and Brian are proud of what they have accomplished so far and look forward to continue to evolve fitness, and Evolution Fitness, to the next level.

The Program
Your personalized fitness program is designed utilizing cutting edge, scientific research and development. It is tailored specifically to your goals and your needs. It will always be effective and it will always be safe. At Evolution Fitness, we design your exercise program with one primary focus: getting you RESULTS. Your workouts with us will never just be about achieving a good sweat or pushing your body to new limits, although both these things will definitely happen. At Evolution Fitness, your workouts will first and foremost bring you one step closer to your goals. They will have a purpose and a design each and every time. All individualized exercise programs follow a progression and are changed every 4 - 6 weeks.

Our group coaching classes also follow a scientific program design, changed monthly, to keep your body guessing, get you the results you want, and keep you (and your body) from getting bored.

The Approach
We utilize screening methods like the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and the Integrated Kinetic Chain Assessment (our Body Blueprint) to assess any imbalances in your movement patterns so we can then implement the proper corrective exercises into your program, as well as determine if there are any exercises we should stay away from until your body has re-balanced itself.

This type of approach not only gets you results faster because you are able to perform the exercises more efficiently utilizing the correct muscles, but it also ensures that you will be healthy and fit in 20 years. Many exercise programs might get you immediate results, but they also might produce wear and tear that could lead to complications later. We want our members to be fit for life, not just for right now.

The Workout
Everyone’s individual program is delivered in a fun, dynamic small group setting of 2 – 3 people. The latest research proves that semi-private training produces greater results than all by your lonesome one-on-one training. Also, it’s a lot more fun!

Group coaching classes are larger, even more high-energy sessions. The collective energy of the entire group working hard and having fun, along with the motivating fitness coach, makes for a great workout!

At Evolution Fitness we understand how important it is that workouts are fun, positive, and motivating. All of our fitness coaches create and foster that type of environment. We want our clients to change their life, not just right now, but for the long term. How long can anyone keep doing something they don’t like and don’t have fun doing? We strive to be the best part of your day, not the part you dread the most!
The Recovery
At Evolution Fitness, your recovery post-workout is equally as important to us as the workout itself. We know that without proper recovery, all your hard work goes to waste and you will never reach your goals. We set you up for success with our awesome shake bar that has a menu designed and tailored to optimize recovery so you can achieve your goals. Click here to view our menu.

The Team
When you are a member of Evolution Fitness, you’re not just a member of a health club. You are a member of a community, a team — TEAM EVOLUTION! Team Evolution is hard to describe, it’s something you have to experience. But, we’ll give it a shot.

Team Evolution is partly something we have created, but mostly something we have simply fostered and cultivated — like the coach of a team would. We can’t take full credit for it - it is our awesome members who truly create Team Evolution! Our members are dedicated and work hard towards their individual goals, but they also encourage and support their fellow Evolution teammates to do the same. That is why we have the best team — and the most fun!
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